. . . Q+A . . .

An interview about me, conducted by me.

Who are you?
I am lovingly referred to as Clarkie by my good friends.  I consider you one of them.  I am a 20-something knocking on 30's door. 

What is this blog about?
Mostly about cooking.  And because my brain is rather spastic, I also blog about whatever is on my mind.  I apologize in advance.

Why call it Beloved Green?
My favorite color is green.   And my given name means Beloved.

Do you need any taste testers?
My mom is my main tester.  She is hard-core and not afraid to speak her mind.  So if it gets her approval, then it is good to go.  My second set of testers are my cats because they are sneaky and can hunt down a spatula with batter before I can even spit out the word, "me-ow".

If I send you an email about a product or service, will you feature it?
Only if I really, really like it.  If I decide not to review it, just figure it is my finicky taste and nothing to do with your product.