13 October 2014

Weekend Goal: Clean the Kitchen Cabinets | Giveaway!

Last month I experienced one of my greatest kitchen nightmares; my refrigerator stopped working.  We tried replacing the control panel, but it just will not circulate the cool air.

This major set back forced me to clean out my refrigerator and freezer and really tidy up the space.

And then I could not stop.  I had to keep cleaning.

Next came the counters.  And under the sink.

Finally, my nemesis -- the kitchen cabinets.  Here are my four tips for cleaning out the cabinets.

  1. Clear everything out.
  2. Check the expiration dates.
  3. Deep clean with a natural cleaner.  I used good old white vinegar and water and scrubbed down all of the cabinets, the shelves and all sides.  Let it dry out completely before filling back up.
  4. Finding good containers.  Instead of allowing air and bugs--like disgusting little wheat flies--to spoil dry goods, find airtight containers to store food. 

 photo oxo01_zpsfa5e19d7.jpg

I was fortunate enough to pair up with OXO to find a solution for my container needs.  A beautiful box showed up at my door and thankfully my kitty, Skye, was hope to inspect and sign for it for me. 

 photo oxo02_zps130147b9.jpg

The good folks at OXO sent me three Good Grips Cereal Dispensers, as well as their 10 Piece Good Grips POP Container set.  What I immediately loved is that the pop-open lids on the containers can be sealed and opened with one hand and instantly sealed to keep air out.  They also stack nicely on top of each other, which can be seen in my after cabinet photos.

 photo oxo09_zps23d57eb5.jpg

I also love that they pull apart easily to be put in the dish washer.  Let's be real, I do not have time to hand wash everything. 

 photo oxo08_zps6d61bb96.jpg

GIVEAWAY!  The good news is that for folks who are looking to do a little fall cleaning of their own, OXO is partnering with The Container Store who has the Pop Containers and many other fabulous organizing tools at stores nationwide. 

Beloved Green readers can enter to win a prize pack worth $500, including your choice of OXO Storage & Organization tools (up to $250), as well as a $250 elfa gift card.  Giveaway will run from Monday, October 13th (TODAY!) through Friday, October 31st. 

To sign-up for this POP-tober giveaway, head over to HERE and register!

So now we can get onto the embarrassing photos of my messy cabinets.  This is real life folks!

 photo oxo04_zpse7a5ca0d.jpg

 photo oxo06_zpsd3be796c.jpg

 photo oxo03_zps3edb463c.jpg

 photo oxo05_zpse603a8d2.jpg

 photo oxo07_zpsb9dc8428.jpg