26 August 2012

Copenhagen Coaster Set ::: Leif


Last summer I wrote several posts about my time in Scandinavia.  I mentioned my new-found love of Guf, the field kitchen we roughed it with in Silkeborg, testing out some Swedish beer, but most importantly checking out some true Scandinavian food.  

After my time in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway I am more appreciative of their everyday living designs.  The best examples were at the Nordiska Museet where they catalog Sweden's cultural history.  I would liken it to a slightly more hip version of the Smithsonian's American History museum.  

Today my Scandinavian design delight is salivating over these wooden coasters in a brass holder found over at Leif.

The water stains on my coffee table are begging for these.

(found via DesignSponge)