30 March 2012

Friday Links

"If you are afraid of butter, use cream."

It has been a while since I collected some of my favorite links from around the foodie blogosphere.  Without further ado:

+The Art of the Menu is a delightful visual display to see the creative and functional design in which restaurants display their culinary creations.

+These beater whisks are a ray of fresh air for a kitchen-space challenged foodie.   If I was not on a Lenten spending freeze, this would probably become the best $18 I could have spent in a while.


+I don't own an iPad, but if I did I would want to protect it in the kitchen with a Chef Sleeve.  I often bring my laptop in the kitchen and wish there was something to protect it from a bit of kitchen debris.

+Favorite visual food blog of the moment is Roost. Their upside-down pear cakes look enchanting.

+This robot measuring cup looks too cute for words.

+Sprouted Kitchen did an amazing post on different types of sweeteners and their functions.  I am keeping this bookmarked as a future reference.

+Finally, remember to sign up for a chance to win the OXO 5 lb Food Scale, odds are in your favor right now.