25 February 2012

Jam Labelizer


When I think about the south, I think of southern hospitality, good ol' fried foods, homemade jam and Rodney Atkins singing, "What I love about the south".

So when I saw this fun little Jam Labelizer on How About Orange my first thought was how I wanted to channel my inner southern girl.

Make your own custom jam label here.


I loved the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett, my aunt had given me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles, and on a whim I picked it up and read the first chapter in store.  I quickly decided I wanted to splurge on it and brought it home.  This was before it was a best seller and movie deals were just a pipe-dream. 

After I finished it, I borrowed it to my Mom, and she also feel in love with the writing and the story.  We both became excited when we heard news of the movie being made and were there opening weekend.

And unlike many movies that are adapted from books, this one actually met my expectations.  Superb casting, and a lovely script.  I will admit, I was probably the youngest person in the theater, but nonetheless enjoyed every moment.