20 February 2012

Apple Sandwiches kick off Oscar Week


This week Beloved Green is going to celebrate the 84th Annual Academy Awards with a week of movie inspired recipes, dining tips, and foodie style celebrations.  


The first recipe is inspired by the Best Picture nominee, "War Horse".  What better to feed your favorite equine war hero, then a tasty apple treat.  And it is not bad for humans.

So for a guilt free snack to munch on while enjoying the Oscars try an apple sandwich.  
The Shopping List:
  • an apple
  • low fat ricotta cheese
  • almond slivers
  • meyer lemon juice

The Method:

Core an apple, and cut it in slices.  Squeeze the lemon juice over top to preserve the apple and keep it from browning.  Spread with ricotta cheese and top with the almond slivers.


Right now I am really drawn to simple recipes, and this one is not only a great low calorie snack, it is filling and the perfect companion when watching a movie instead of reaching for a bit of junk food.

And because I always love a party, I'm inviting everyone to fill out their picks for award winners and join in a game of Oscar Bingo this Sunday thanks to the brilliance of How About Orange.