13 October 2011



Day 10 of my kitchen supplies packed and on a truck somewhere moving across the country.  I miss them.

In the mean time I have been trying to find snacks and foods that do not require any prep work since I am with the bare basics in my kitchen right now.

Raw fruits are favorites of mine right now for this very reason.  Just wash and eat.  And that is where I found something new this week.

Tom-Grapes are my newest and most delightful discovery.  They are a beautiful purple-blue color, and appear to be a hybrid between a grape and a blueberry.

Simply delicious.

These little buggers are seedless and a bit smaller then traditional grapes.  I can only imagine the sweetness of a wine made from this stock.  For some reason, I do not want to override the taste with other ingredients, and prefer to eat them au natural.

I have never seen these before, anyone else out there ever tried Tom-Grapes?


  1. I've never tried Tom-Grapes but your photo looks fantastic!

  2. Hmmm, never heard of tom-grapes before, but these look exactly like wild grapes we had growing in far east Russia and Asia. Both white and purple, seedless, small grapes, they were indeed very delicious! Japanese make amazing juice and wine from them.
    I haven't seen anything like this since I moved to Europe.

  3. I've had grapes that tasted like blueberries, but they had seeds in them. there were amazing though!