03 August 2011

The Field Kitchen

There is nothing that makes you appreciate a kitchen more then being out in the forest with no electricity and running water.

For ten days in the middle of Denmark this is how me and a few thousand of my closest friends survived. We started with an empty field amongst a forest and created our own city from scratch. Including our kitchen. Over 12,000 individuals descended to the FDF National Camp, including 20 Americans from the middle of the U.S.

We carried 200 lb logs across the camp to our site and thatched them together, covering with canvas to create a structure. Then we dug a couple ditches, so our makeshift sinks have a place to drain to (you can thank me later for not taking photos of that slop), and then prepared our meals together.

Welcome to my temporary kitchen:


I can assure you now that our cuisine was quite basic. Mostly rice and pasta dishes with some protein thrown in. Waste not, want not. Anything we overcooked was thrown away because there was no place to refrigerate leftovers.


Come rain or shine, there was always a crew assigned to the kitchen for each meal.


And the same crew was in charge of clean-up.


Sometimes it is the little things in life that I take for granted. Like running water instead of marching to a pump a mile away to fill up jugs for drinking and cleaning.


Next time I go camping, I am thinking of splurging on something like this field kitchen. 10 days is a long time for this cook to go without even the basics.

So, how would you fair in this kitchen?