08 August 2011

BG is on Facebook

Starting a Facebook page has been a goal of mine for a while. I even had the link up on the sidebar.

But with all the preparations for my trip abroad that fell to the way side.

And every week I would receive a little note from someone asking where it is at because they wanted to link up. Holding my head in shame I would reply, "It's coming."

Today it is finally here. The only problem is right now I have absolutely no fans.


Insert a very sad face.

So I'm asking folks who enjoy stopping by my little place in the blogosphere, please hop on over and say hi to me on Facebook. And if you have a little spot over there, let me know so I can reciprocate the Facebook love.

And a random side note, it feels awesome to have the No Bake Chocolate Bars featured on the front page of FoodBuzz today. All of a sudden the traffic to my blog spiked today and my heart got a little twitterpated. *Waves hello to new visitors* Thanks for stopping by!