02 August 2011

Back between Heaven and Hell


After a lengthy hiatus of traveling through Scandinavia, I am back and with a fury of Nordic inspiration. Between camping in the wilderness over an open fire, or going to quaint Swedish restaurants, my taste buds are revived -- along with my long neglected blog.

I'd apologize for the absence, but the entire trip was simply too good to pass up for me to be too remorseful.

To start things up right, a little kudos to my new favorite beers from Sweden made at the Jämtlands Bryggeri microbrewery.

The two brews me and my companions tried out were Heaven and Hell.

Heaven is a dark beer, with a bit of body and tastes a bit bitter. With 5.9% alcohol content, this little bugger packs a punch -- which is good since Sweden has a high tax on alcohol.

Our bartender told us if we wanted to drink like a Swede, then we needed to get the cheapest stuff possible. Check and mark.

I want for the other option: Hell. Our bartender also mentioned this one won several awards, including the gold at the Stockholm Beer Festival for "Best Value Stock". A slightly lighter stock then "Heaven" and we were instructed to pour into a glass because the "froth" at the top and the air would make it taste better. This comes in a 5.1% alcohol content, so that leads me to believe that you need a little bit more umph to get to heaven then you do to hell.

The best part was snuggling up with blankets under heat lamps on a ship moored in Stockholm.

Definitely siding more on the heaven side of things.