03 March 2011

Thursday Links

My blog is a bit of my own food journal where I archive my favorite recipes. Along those lines, it is also a place for me keep a record of all the lovely things that are lovely, beautiful, and tasty. Things that just need to be shared and links I have stumbled upon in cyber space.

I am loving They Draw & Cook which features cooks who illustrate their meals. You can even pick the style of illustration you prefer, perhaps "awesomely rendered" or "cutting edge & cool" to start out.

The Peak Season Map showing what is fresh in your neck of the woods. Unfortunately March is still dormant in the Midwest, as is April. But watch out May, I'm going to be looking for some fresh asparagus and rhubarb.

These Paul Ferney Cake Paintings are simply delicious. I want to order them all and hang them in my kitchen...and my living room...and my office...

The Carrot Cake Muffins featured on NYTimes.com have been teasing me all day. I want some, and I want them now.

It is a month past Valentine's Day, but I still want to try out this Heart Cake by I am Mommy. It's one heart I don't mind cutting open.

I am going to start following Frog in the Cottage because the detail shots of these foods are just lovely. A little blog love.

And a shameless self promotion, I love twitter buddies, and if you are an awesome person {not spam} I'll probably follow you back. I believe conversations should not be one sided, tweets included.

Finally, something totally unrelated to food in any fashion but made me chuckle: cats on a treadmill. No joke.